Export and trade services

Rosell, with its extensive experience in the Sudanese export market, provides the finest Sudanese agricultural crops, including Sudanese cotton with high specifications and quality certificates and international laboratory analysis, white sesame (Gadarif) and various types of Sudanese sesame with quality certificates and international laboratory analysis certificates, gum arabic, soybeans, watermelon seeds, and many more. Of other agricultural crops, we also provide the finest types of Sudanese meat that conforms to international health specifications. We are ready to implement all orders while providing all options for delivery, starting from the port of Port Sudan and to any port in the world and the ports of Turkey in particular.

Cotton of all kinds

We provide the finest types of long-staple Sudanese cotton with softness, high quality, and historical fame around the world. We are ready to meet all requests from all countries of the world.

The finest types of cotton

Sudanese cotton

Luxurious sesame of all kinds

At Russell, we provide the finest types of premium white Sudanese sesame (first grade), as well as peeled and unpeeled red sesame as desired.

Sudanese sesame

White Sudanese sesame

Sudanese meat

We provide the best types of Sudanese meat of high quality, international health specifications, and competitive prices. We are ready to meet all requests from all countries of the European world

Sudanese meat

Sudanese meat


A type of plant belonging to the leguminous family. Soy is classified as an oilseed and has been used in China for 5,000 years as food and to manufacture medicines. Soybeans are considered an important food and industrial crop at the global level. It is distinguished from other types of legumes in that it contains all eight essential amino acids necessary for the human body to make protein. This makes it an excellent source of complete protein, especially for vegetarians. We provide it in Russell from the finest types and at competitive prices for all countries of the world.

The finest types of soy


Arabic Gum

Gum arabic is considered one of the most marketable crops. It has an annual season and is considered the mainstay of Sudanese trade. Sudan occupies the largest percentage of gum production, estimated at about 70-85% of production in the world. At Rosell, we provide the finest types and are ready to meet all requests from all countries of the world


Arabic Gum

Other agricultural crops

Agricultural crops
We are honored to provide the service of exporting Sudanese agricultural crops to all countries of the world. All you have to do is contact us and we guarantee that your request will be provided with the finest crops.

Sudanese crops

Agricultural crops

The company has a permanent headquarters in Turkey and many branches in the Turkish states, as well as a permanent headquarters in the State of Sudan as well as in the United Arab Emirates, which facilitates all commercial and legal procedures. As the company owns many offices and bank accounts in many international banks, we guarantee you ease of financial transactions according to the laws. Global trade, qualified staff with experience, high professional ethics, and recognized job qualifications are always happy to serve you in all possible ways.