Arabic Gum


Arabic Gum also known as Senegal gum, Arabic Gum Senegal gum, is a natural gum consisting of solidified sap.

Arabic Gum is obtained from the trunk and leaves of various types of African acacia trees. In cosmetics, it is used for its film-forming properties. By mixing it with water, it forms a type of gel that improves the texture of products. It is widely used in cosmetics to enhance their appearance.

  • Types of Arabic Gum:
    Senegal Gum: Senegal gum is found in small quantities in many everyday products, including wine, confectionery, cosmetics, carbonated beverages, and flavors. It can be used as a coating agent for confectionery, or as an emulsifier or stabilizer in beverages, or as fiber in food products.
    Senegal Arabic Gum: Senegal Arabic Gum is a small, thorny tree that sheds its leaves, known by several common names, including Senegal gum, Arabic gum tree, Sudanese gum, and Sudanese Arabic gum.