Shipping and Logistics Services

At Rossel, we aspire to be the best and safest shipping company in Istanbul. We ensure the safety and confidentiality of all your goods and documents no matter their type, so they reach the recipient securely without being opened from any side. The safety of your shipment is our responsibility!

We take pride in your trust in us among all shipping companies in Istanbul. ur high level of professionalism, your trust and your continued partnership with us are the keys to our success and distinctiveness.


Our international shipping services include:

1-Shipping and Export:

Rossel provides shipping services at the best prices through our ongoing international relationships. We can offer all the facilitation in shipping and transportation from Turkey to countries worldwide,as we have connections and contracts with trustworthy international shipping and transportation companies in Turkey and beyond. This enables us to offer competitive prices for both sea and air freight.

We also provide complete support and monitoring during the transportation phase from Turkey to the destination country.

2-Customs Clearance for Import and Export:

We provide logistic facilities for importing from Turkey, offering customs clearance services and import/export facilitation. We have a wide network of logistic partners worldwide, making it easier for us to deliver the shipment safely to the importer’s country.

We can provide all the customs documentation and customs clearance for goods, according to the agreement.

3-Shipping Worldwide:

We receive your shipments in Istanbul, Turkey, and deliver them to destinations worldwide. With Rossel, you don’t have to worry about the distance to your destination. We ensure that your shipment is delivered promptly and securely.

4- Express Shipping Service:

We offer the fastest shipping service available in the Middle East. All our shipments are sent without delay, with continuous communication and shipment tracking.

5- 24-Hour Support:

Do you have any questions about your shipment? At Rossel, we are with you 24 hours a day. We never leave our customers alone. Ask Rossel, and we will provide you with answers.

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Types of Shipping Offered by Rusel to Its Customers:


Air Freight (Personal, Commercial, Express):

We transport goods and documents through major air cargo companies in Turkey to all parts of the world. We pick up the shipment from the door and deliver it to the door, ensuring complete safety.

Rossel Company bears the responsibility for your shipment to reach its destination in the fastest and shortest time. Our services are not limited to the services of an ordinary shipping company in Türkiye! Rather, we provide all the facilities that will ensure your comfort and ease of customs dealings in Turkey. It is enough for you to provide us with the shipment information, and we will receive it from the merchant, factory, or place of issue and ship it to your location.

Features of Rossell air freight service:

We insure all your shipments

We provide safe and sound storage methods to ensure the safety of your materials

We provide all assembly, packaging and packing services

Do you need customs clearance? Or prepare specific papers related to the shipment? We offer it to you with gratitude

Will we receive your shipment from a merchant, factory, or any laboratory? We provide statistics, counting, and weighing services and ensure that the shipment conforms to the specifications agreed upon by the seller and buyer.

Free various consulting services! Russell provides you with various answers to all your inquiries, whatever they are, for free

Sea shipping

Types of sea shipping: Fast sea shipping takes 10 to 14 days.

Regular sea shipping takes 20 to 40 days.

Do you have a large shipment and are looking for an economical and fast solution? Rossel’s sea shipping service is the most efficient.

Land Transportation:

With us, the land shipping service is the best. We pick up your shipment from anywhere in Turkey and deliver it to any place in the world. With Rossel, your shipment is faster and safer.